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Common Misconceptions about POM Debunked

Acetal or polyacetal, also referred to as polyoxymethylene (POM), is a high-performance engineering plastic with a broad range of uses.

Despite POM's widespread use, there are a few common misconceptions about it that can cause confusion. We hope to dispel these widespread misunderstandings and clarify the actual properties of this adaptable substance in this blog.

POM, one of the revolution substances in many industry
POM, one of the revolution substances


Misconception 1: "POM and PTFE (Teflon) are the same."

A widespread fallacy is the association between POM and Teflon, or

polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Despite being engineering polymers, they differ in their uses and characteristics. PTFE is frequently used in cookware because of its low friction, strong chemical resistance, and non-stick qualities. However, POM is highly valued for its superior mechanical qualities, high rigidity, and dimensional stability, which qualify it for use in precision engineering parts.

Misconception 2: "POM is Not Suitable for High-Temperature Applications"

Some people think that because POM is thermoplastic, it is unsuitable for high-temperature applications. When compared to some other plastics, POM, however, shows good tolerance to high temperatures. Comprehending the precise grade and composition of POM is essential, since certain variations are designed to tolerate elevated temperatures without sacrificing their mechanical attributes. In a variety of applications where exposure to mild temperatures is required, POM can be a dependable option.

POM is seen as fragile substances while it is one of the strongest substances
POM is seen as fragile substances

Misconception 3: "POM is prone to cracking"

Another myth is the idea that POM is more likely to fracture in specific circumstances. Actually, POM is renowned for having exceptional impact resistance and hardness. It is not seriously damaged by dynamic loading or impact. POM's performance, like that of any material, is contingent upon various parameters, including grade, processing conditions, and application-specific characteristics. Cracking risk can be reduced by using appropriate design and processing techniques.

Misconception 4: "POM is Not Environmentally Friendly"

Errors over POM's environmental friendliness have arisen from worries about the effects of plastics on the environment. POM is totally recyclable even though it is a synthetic polymer. Reusing POM trash to make new items is part of the recycling process, which supports sustainability initiatives. Furthermore, a few producers emphasize the industry's commitment to environmental responsibility by providing eco-friendly POM alternatives.

Misconception 5: "All POM Grades Are the Same"

Assuming that all POM grades are the same can result in the selection of materials that are not ideal for a certain application. POM is available in a variety of grades and formulas, each designed to satisfy specific needs. While low friction or greater chemical resistance are prioritized in certain grades, others may offer enhanced wear resistance. Choosing the appropriate POM grade for maximum performance requires a thorough understanding of the particular requirements of the application.


In Summary

Conclusively, dispelling widespread misunderstandings regarding POM is crucial to understanding its actual potential and uses. POM, an engineering plastic with a special blend of mechanical qualities and adaptability, is still vital to many different sectors. Industries can select the right materials for their particular applications by having a clear understanding of the available information.

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